Concerns over St Andrews West access road

An aerial shot of what the new roundabout at St Andrews West could look like.
An aerial shot of what the new roundabout at St Andrews West could look like.

Concerns have been raised about the impact a proposed access road into the St Andrews West development could have on local wildlife and the town’s arboretum.

A planning application was submitted to Fife Council at the end of October, seeking approval for the construction of a link road and roundabout.

The road would link the St Andrews West development with the A91. However, some local residents have criticised the location of the road, as it will cut through an arboretum in the North Haugh.

Judy Dowling, a tree recorder for the Woodland Trust, said that the area hosts an array of wildlife and special trees.

She fears that the creation of the access road could decimate this area of the town.

“I am very, very concerned about the route going through the arboretum, and also for the wildlife in that area,” Judy explained.

However, a spokesman for St Andrews West LLP, which submitted the planning application, said: “The proposals allow the retention and enhancement of the existing pond along with replacement tree planting and ecological improvements.”

Judy added: “I am not trying to stop the development nor do I want to slow it down. But I think the developer needs to look at the bigger picture.

“Why can they not put the road through other land and try and avoid the wildlife? It is such a big road, of course the wildlife will go.”

Judy has called on St Andrews West LLP to come up with another solution. She said: “I think they need to look again at the access. I just want them to use their imagination and think outside the box.”

Judy is not the only local resident who has shared concerns about the access road.

Comments have been left on planning application page, objecting to the planned route and expressing concern about the impact the road could have on local wildlife and the arboretum.

Judy added: “I suggest other people concerned put comments on the planning application.”

A spokesman for St Andrews West LLP said: “The team have undertaken a wide ranging and detailed assessment of the characteristics of the North Haugh area including consideration of arboricultural, ecological, cultural and built heritage, engineering, and flood risk matters.

“Against this, alternative routes for the proposed road have been tested. Having done all of this, the most appropriate location for the roundabout and route for the road was reached and is subject to the current planning application.

“Various reports have been submitted with the application, in particular, the Road Options Appraisal Report, which provides information on the many matters considered and why the route of the road proposed in the application was reached.”