Confusion over how town will develop

Tarvit Farm Cupar
Tarvit Farm Cupar

There is growing confusion over the way Cupar may expand, with recent focus on the south of the town, rather than the much-promoted Cupar North development plan.

In the past five months, two separate proposals for housing in the Tarvit Farm area have been put forward, although no formal planning applications have actually been submitted.

It emerged this week that Fife Council - which wants to build 49 houses, with access off Tarvit Drive - jointly prepared a ‘Green Network’ document in 2012.

It suggested the establishment of such an area “which wraps around the south-east of Cupar...including remnants of the historic 
Tarvit Estate.”

The document says the area “contributes positively to the landscape setting of the south-east edge of Cupar.”

Kingdom Housing Association has also indicated it would like to build 49 affordable houses, 
off Pitscottie Road.

Cupar Community Council secretary Douglas Provan said: “I cannot understand why they want to develop in the south. We were told that there would be no housing there as all development would take place at Cupar North.

“They seem to want to build anywhere, except where they should be building – on the many 
brownfield sites.”

Mr Provan was surprised at the conflicting views of the Fife authority – promoting green space and housing in the same area. Fife Council and Kingdom are both to give presentations again at the community council.