Constant heating noise drives OAP to despair

Margaret Jamieson
Margaret Jamieson

When Margaret Jamieson moved into her retirement flat in Elie in 2012, she was delighted with life in the picturesque burgh.

But, for nearly a year now, her accommodation in Isaac Mackie House has driven her to the point of despair.

Last May the housing complex’s central heating system, which has pipes running through her apartment, started to throb... and it hasn’t stopped since.

Bield Housing Association, which owns and manages Isaac Mackie House, says it has done all it can to muffle the noise and it is at a level to be expected from a heating system of its age.

Correspondence even said the housing provider considered the perpetual drone to be tolerable.

But for Mrs Jamieson (74) that doesn’t live up to Bield’s ethos of enabling older people to live “fulfilling lives” through “high quality appropriate housing, care and support services.”

“I don’t know what to do; I can hardly sleep now,” she said. “It’s just constant and at nights, when the heating goes off, it can be unbearable.”

She has raised her case with MP Sir Menzies Campbell and MSPs Roderick Campbell and Liz Smith but Bield is adamant it has done all it can.

Her doctor is concerned about the impact the stress is having on her health and at times she has been forced to sleep at a neighbour’s flat because of the noise.

“I really like where I stay,” she said, “and I really like my little flat. I just wish Bield would do something to stop this noise.”

A spokeswoman for Bield said: “We have fully investigated this complaint over a period of six months and made a number of improvements. Specialists have been in attendance and the noise is in line with what you would expect of a system of that age.”

A Bield spokesperson said: “We have fully investigated all of the issues raised over a period of six months, including bringing in specialists to try to allay the concerns of this tenant.

“We have made a number of alterations to resolve this complaint as far as possible.”