Contractor chosen for Kirkcaldy sea wall project

the tender for work on Kirkcaldy’s sea wall is about to be awarded.

The successful contractor has been notified and those unsuccessful ones now have two weeks in which to appeal.

And councillors have been told the cost of carrying out the improvements falls well within the allocated budget of £9 million, leaving some contingency.

Work, which will include increasing the rock barrier behind the sea wall and increasing the height of the wall by half a metre to 1.5 metres, is due to start next year.

However, on hearing that the process was nearing completion, councillors on the Kirkcaldy area committee expressed their concerns at how the 500,000 tonnes of rock which will be required for the process will be transported to the site.

Councillor Stuart McPhail said: “What concerns me the the practicalities of how it will be done,” he said, asking the Council’s consultant engineer, Murray Scott, if he could tell him if it would be brought in by barge.

“If it is being done by road over around 50 weeks, I suspect it would be quicker than that, there would be a lorry every six minutes coming along the Prom.

“I would find that unaccepable, if not dangerous,” he said.

The engineer said it would be up to the successful contractor to carry out an environmental impact assessment which would focus on issues relating to the delivery of materials.