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The issue of speed humps has split the community
The issue of speed humps has split the community

ROAD humps could be installed at a Glenrothes housing development, despite 33 objections being lodged against the move, reports MIKE DELANEY.

Councillors were being asked to give the go-ahead to the move for Charleston.

According the the council’s traffic management official, Ian B. Smith, the proposal had split the community - and even individual families.

Councillors previously delayed a decision pending a more detailed report on the population breakdown and vehicle speeds.

A speed survey on Charleston Drive, one of the three streets in the area surveyed, revealed that a mean speed of 24mph, but a top one of 50, while the comparable figures for Greystone Park and Kinloch Drive were 25 and 40 and 20 and 31 respectively.

It was also estimated that there were 361 adults on the estate and 110 children.

It has been suggested by officials in the past that humps are statistically proven to reduce deaths amongst youngesters.

In the report, Mr Smith, says: “The 33 objections represented 41 individuals.

“This is 11 per cent of the adult and nine per cent of the overall population of Charleston.

“The traffic-calming measures are required to allow the provision of the 20mph zone.

“The recommendation to over-rule the objections will allow the provision of the zone.

“The proposed traffic restrictions are being promoted in the interest of road safety.”

He adds that the cost of the project will total £10,000, £6,500 for a raised crossing point and the rest for the humps.

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