Could an end to Kirkcaldy high street chaos be in sight?

Cars backed up in the pedestrianised zone of Kirkcaldy High Street. Picture from Grant Foster.
Cars backed up in the pedestrianised zone of Kirkcaldy High Street. Picture from Grant Foster.

New rules to sort out parking problems in the pedestrianised area of the town’s High street won’t be in place until after Christmas.

The Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) will mean Fife Council’sparking wardens will finally take over managing the long-standing problem.

In recent weeks cars have been double parked on both sides of the pedestrianised zone, causing tailbacks as delivery lorries get snarled up - and leaving pedestrians to doge the constant traffic.

Responsibility for enforcing current regulations lies with Police Scotland, but parking in the pedetrianised zone has been branded ‘‘chaotic.’’

The TRO has taken several months to put in place.

It went to Kirkcaldy Area Committee in August, and the deadline for any objections expired in early November.

That cleared the way for Fife Council’s traffic wardens to finally enforce the new guidelines - but that won’t happen until notices are put in place early next year.

Ian B Smith, lead professional for mid-Fife traffic management, said responsibility for management of High Street parking remains with Police Scotland in the interim.

“Detailed work is underway to identify locations for the signs to ensure compliance with the legislation - but, also, to avoid placing them in front of shop windows.”

Mr Smith said the council had received no complaints about vehicles on the High Street over the past few weeks.

But feedback among shoppers and businesses painted a different picture.

Danny Cepok, area services manager for Kirkcaldy, said: “What this TRO will do will allow the wardens to take action against vehicles parked the wrong way or in the wrong areas, which they are unable to do at the moment.

“There won’t be any double yellow lines, and parking times will remain the same, but there will be signs put up telling drivers where and when they can park.

“These need to be up before the TRO can be enforced.”

Bill Harvey, BID manager at Kirkcaldy4All welcomed the news.

“Without a doubt the parking is chaotic in and around the pedestrianised zone of the High Street. It’s not a good situation and it’s one that needs enforced.

“Hopefully we get the correct enforcement and everybody understands when they can use the pedestrianised zone, so it’s good for the pedestrians and and retailers.’’