Council agrees to help Cardenden flood victims

Alex Rowley visits Cardenden resident Moira Bennett whose garden has been flooded.
Alex Rowley visits Cardenden resident Moira Bennett whose garden has been flooded.

Fife Council has pledged to help residents in Cardenden who have been the victims of flooding following a campaign by their local MSP.

Alex Rowley wrote to chief executive Steve Grimmond saying he was “absolutely disgusted” with the Council’s response to the problems families had been facing for over a year with their gardens flooded from a nearby burn.

The Council has now said that a new £750,000 project will begin in January to tackle the problem.

Mr Rowley accused the Council of a “lack of empathy” and said in his letter that residents had been unable to use their gardens and water had started causing damage to their homes.

In his letter he said; “Fife Council’s complete failure to show any kind of empathy for what these families have been and are suffering, and your complete failure to offer any kind of assistance over the last year beggars belief from a public local authority that is meant to care and support local communities”.

Speaking to the Press, Mr Rowley, said: “There has been a complete lack of willingness of Fife Council to offer any support whatsoever other than to say it is not their responsibility and the burn should be maintained by the landowner.

“Even if it is the case that the Council has no legal responsibility surely they have a public responsibility to support and help people.

“I understand that the Council is saying it is the duty of the farmer to clean the burn that is causing the problem, but I would expect it to do everything in its power to force action from the farmer and to take steps to stop the flooding not just hide behind a ‘nothing to do with us’ approach.”

But Robin Presswood, head of economy, planning and employability said the Council had reached an agreement with the landowners to begin water treatment work on the site:

“We know the issues at Jamphlars have caused prolonged distress for the residents,” he said.

“It is anticipated contractors for this project will start on site in January 2015, with works scheduled to take around three months.”

Work will begin to solve problem

Work at Jamphlars Pond and Woodend Burn is being funded by Fife Council and the Scottish Government.

The Council will also arrange to carry out a one-off dredging operation.

It will carry out a review of ongoing monitoring and maintenance liabilities with landowners and continue to liaise closely with SEPA.