Council candidate bats off by-election campaign agenda

Liz Easton
Liz Easton

A Labour candidate fighting for a seat left vacant by Kirkcaldy’s ‘Invisible Councillor’ has distanced herself from radical campaigners.

The move comes after a group calling itself United Against Separation (UAS) suggested it would be offically supporting Liz Easton in the upcoming Kirkcaldy east by-election.

In a message posted on facebook on Monday night, UAS said: “We will be out hitting the streets of Kirkcaldy in the up and coming council by-election this weekend.

“We need your help leafleting for the strongest pro UK candidate Liz Easton.

‘‘If you live nearby and are looking to get stuck in then why not help us fight the SNP.”

Attempts by the Press to contact the group met with no response.

Ms Easton confirmed she did not know them and stressed she had no ‘pro-union’ agenda.

“My stance on this is that this local election is about what goes on in Kirkcaldy east, what local people’s issues and needs are,” she said.

“My campaign is about nothing else - I’ve been very clear about that from day one.”

Labour Councillor Neil Crooks strongly criticised UAS for attempting to piggyback a campaign which had “nothing, zero, zilch to do with national politics, whatsoever”.

“We don’t know who they are,” he said.

“This is a local election and we will be fighting this on local issues.

“The referendum decision was back in September. That’s a done deal and I would not welcome people coming into our election trying to re-run the referendum.

“We will not be moved by anybody else’s agenda.”

The Kirkcaldy east seat was previously occupied by SNP councillor Arthur Morrison, who resigned after the Press revealed he spent most of his time in Austria.