Council hits back at school claims

Kennoway Primary School
Kennoway Primary School

AN area councillor has been accused of scaremongering after raising fears that community facilities may be axed at Kennoway Primary School.

Local member David Alexander told the Mail the “threat is there” from Fife Council to halt the service as part of budget cuts.

Cllr Alexander said any attempt to cancel the community use section of the school would be met with resistance.

However, the leader of Fife Council, Councillor Alex Rowley, said the authority had no intention of stopping community use services at Kennoway and if rumours to the contrary were circulating within the area, they were being started by the local councillor.

Cllr Alexander said: “Kennoway Primary’s community facilities are not going to close, we are not going to allow that to happen, but the threat is there.

“Given that the existence of this proposal is now public knowledge, I am demanding that the Labour minority administration immediately withdraws the proposal.”

The community use section of the school offers residents an opportunity to take part in various classes, such as languages, or health and fitness activities.

Responding to Cllr Alexander’s claims, Cllr Rowley said the suggestion that primary schools could close their community use facilities had been suggested to the authority within its ‘blue book’ of cuts.

However, the council leader said his party considered it an immediate non-starter before the book was passed to other parties as part of procedure.

It’s here, he says, that Cllr Alexander has picked up on the possible threat.

Cllr Alexander, though, claimed he had spoken to somebody at the school who said Fife House had made contact suggesting a meeting would be held to consider the closure.