Council in talks to purchase Glenrothes bus depot

Stagecoach Depot, Flemington Road, Glenrothes
Stagecoach Depot, Flemington Road, Glenrothes

Fife Council bosses are remaining tight lipped over plans to purchase the Stagecoach bus depot in Flemington Road in the new town.

The Gazette can reveal that the local authority is currently in early negotiations with the bus company for the possible acquisition of land which is currently used as a depot for Stagecoach’s Glenrothes public transport operation.

The move follows the company’s desire to expand its bus network across the central Fife area and is set to end its association with the depot it has occupied since March, 1985.

Michael O’Gorman, Fife Council’s estate service manager told the Gazette: “We are aware of Stagecoach’s desire to expand operations in Fife and have been discussing various options with them.

“However, these talks are at the very early stages and it would be inappropriate for us to share any potentially commercially-sensitive information at this point.”

A spokesman for Stagecoach in Fife added: “We are in discussions with Fife Council regarding the future of our current depot at Glenrothes to allow for future expansion of our network across Fife.

“No details have been confirmed at this time so we have no planned changes to the service 39B extension between Glenrothes bus station and our depot site.”

The Council already has an additional piece of land adjacent to the bus depot, formerly the print unit and stores, which relocated to Bankhead last year.

Mr O’Gorman added that it currently has no firm plans for that site.

But the possible amalgamation of land has fuelled speculation regarding the possible creation of readier access by vehicles to the Biomass plant situated close by.

A spokesman for the plant operators - RWE Innogy said it was unaware of any plans to develop new access routes at this time.