Council refuses to stump up as flying rocks smash windows

Suzanne with the rocks that broke her windows
Suzanne with the rocks that broke her windows

A furious Kingskettle woman has hit out at Fife Council for refusing to pay up after workmen smashed her windows in an incident she fears could have had tragic consequences.

Suzanne Watson of Bankton Park says she’s had to fork out herself for repairs after two windows were broken by flying rocks as workmen strimmed the verge opposite her house.

She says that the local authority have dismissed the incident as an ‘unavoidable accident’ and insist that the verge had first been checked for debris - something she disputes.

“Surely the council cannot just damage property and walk away?” she said. “I am simply disgusted at the way I have been treated. I still have these rocks that broke my windows and these look like bits of the road from a pothole - again council problems. What if these had hit a person - or even my six- year-old daughter? These rocks travelled approximately 10 feet and still with enough force to smash windows of toughened glass, what would they have done to a person’s head?

“It is very stressful and frustrating to have worked so hard for my own home and to see it smashed, due to no fault of my own, and me just told to deal with it myself at my own expense.”

Suzanne said that at first the workmen admitted it had been their fault but things changed when she spoke to their boss. She stumped up £150 for the excess on her insurance to repair the windows and after pressing Fife Council she finally received a claim form. However, an assessor concluded that the incident had been an accident - and Fife Council remains unrepentant.

Geoff McDonald, audit and risk management services manager told the Fife Herald: “We always take complaints seriously. All claims submitted to the council are handled in a fair and consistent manner.

The Council will only pay compensation in respect of those claims where the Council has a legal liability for the damage caused. In this case the actions of the Council have been assessed and it is not considered that the Council has been negligent”.