Council steps in to make new Kinghorn path safer

New pavements will make pathway much safer
New pavements will make pathway much safer

Ramblers, cyclists, horse riders and dog walkers in Kinghorn have expressed their delight at Fife Council for helping to make a popular walking route safer.

The recently created walk from Kinghorn village to the Loch is being improved with the addition of a pavement along the Loch Road to connect the two sections of the Burnside Path.

Volunteers from Kinghorn Pathways, a group which is part of the Craigencalt Rural Community Trust, have worked over the past year to improve and surface the 600 metres of path so that people can now use it in their ordinary walking shoes.

Previously the pathway had been muddy and wet and was weed covered and impenetrable for much of the year.

The group formed a working party to clear and excavate it so it could be enjoyed by everyone.

The final phase for the Trust was to put a new path through the copse of trees down to the sluice and this was completed before Christmas.

Fife Council then agreed to build a pavement along the road section and this is now in progress, thus completing the “missing link” in the path.

Ron Edwards, chairman of the Trust, said: “The new path has given everyone the opportunity to take a stroll to the loch on a really good path.

“There was always a big concern that mothers with buggies and disabled people had to go along the side of this dangerous road before crossing down to the loch. Now they will be able to cross immediately and safely onto the pavement. It is great that we can now provide this level of safety that has never been there before.”

The path improvements have been funded by the Central Scotland Green Network and Paths for All and volunteers from the Trust have been given a lot of help from Alcan and J. Cochran, the landowners.

Elinor Chalmers, one of the volunteers who helped with the project, said: “The work down through the copse exposed a great deal of litter which had accumulated over a period of time. With help from the Council, we managed to clear away all this mess too.”

Mr Edwards added: “It has been a very successful initiative and a lot of hard work has gone into it. Many people in Kinghorn have been telling us how much they enjoy being able to use the new path without taking their lives in their hands, so it has been worthwhile.”