Council takes court action to evict travellers

Travelling people's encampment at John Smith Business Park
Travelling people's encampment at John Smith Business Park
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COURT proceedings have begun to legally evict travelling people living at John Smith Business Park.

Fife Council was forced to act on Tuesday after the group set up camp on Beg Way, next to Kirkcaldy’s MGt call centre.

According to local residents, two caravans arrived on Wednesday morning last week and another arrived the following night. The travellers have also pitched up two tents.

A local dog walker, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Their very camping there prohibits residents of the area using that entrance to the public land for normal social activities as well as taking a large part of the public land out of their use as they are having to avoid the temporary campsite.”

The 49-year old added: “No doubt they will move on in time, but like in previous years, they will be back in force a number of times during the course of the year.

“At one time last year there were eight different caravans in the car park and up to four caravans on the road.”


Management at MGt declined to comment but the Press understands the unauthorised campsite also impacts on a nearby Fife Council building which is currently up for lease.

The resident commented: “Which prospective client is ever going to even view the building never mind lease or buy it knowing that the entrance way to it is a regularly recurring campsite, its carpark is a playground for the children of the campsite and that there will regularly be mess left for them to deal with?”

He added: “It dismays me that Fife Council do very little about it and when they do, it is a temporary solution at best.”

Fife Council declined to comment about the impact of the campsite on nearby buildings and businesses but Peter Farrell, Travelling Persons Site Manager, said the authority was aware of the travellers currently staying at Beg Way.

“We have talked to them and informed them that we will start court proceedings on Tuesday, February 26, to have the site vacated,” he commented.

“This is the normal procedure for unauthorised encampments.”