Council wades in to plug flood problem

Upper Largo
Upper Largo
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FLOOD water worries in Upper Largo are on the rise.

Residents have asked Fife Council to take action and also for the village’s flood risk status to upgraded – from ‘low’ to ‘high’.

Severe flooding earlier this month, which brought misery to many communities, was particularly bad in sections of Upper Largo.

Water flowed down from St Andrews Road and the cemetery road, affecting homes around the Main Street, North Feus and Church Place areas.

The village was cut off for a spell and fire engines had to pump water from some properties.

The amount of water running off surrounding fields has also caused mounting concern, along with flooding at the east end of the village and other suspected drain blockages.

Fife Council hopes tomorrow (Thursday) to carry out a CCTV inspection of gullies and culverts, to assess if any are broken or blocked, or need their capacity increased.

The action was agreed when representaives of Largo Area Community Council had a mid-September site visit with Fife Council officials.

This happened after a previous bout of flooding – but before the October 11-12 torrents, which has only increased anxiety for residents.

The village was categorised in 2006 as ‘low risk’ for flooding, but the community council is seeking a reclassification to ‘high risk’.

Members hoped this would “instigate greater urgency in addressing underlying causes that could alleviate the effects from changing weather patterns that cause threat and distress to residents every time heavy rain is forecast.”

A Fife Council technician said a traffic management team was needed tomorrow, as well as the CCTV crew, but it was hoped the check would go ahead and any necessary repairs assessed afterwards.