Councillor adds support to calls for safety improvements to busy junction

Cllr Bill Brown
Cllr Bill Brown

Independent Glenrothes councillor Bill Brown has added his support to the growing number of people calling for safety improvements to a notorious road junction.

A petition for a re-think of the junction of Cluny Road near Kinglassie has already gathered 300 signature of support because of long-standing concerns.

“I know that hundreds of people who use this road every day and it is not a safe junction,” said Cllr Brown.

“There are near misses nearly every single day with people taking risks to get out of the junction.

“When I approached transportation someone told me ‘we don’t want to encourage people to use this route, they should use the A92’.

“However, lots of people use this road and we need to make sure it is safe.”

The councillor said he had the support of the Kinglassie Action Group who told him they would back any calls for improvements to the junction.

Traffic lights or a roundabout are the preferred options.