Councillor invites public suggestions

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Fife Council has earmarked an extra £1 million for the area committees, following latest budget plans announced last week.

And because of the move, members of the public are now being urged to come forward with suggestions as to how the funds can be best spent.

Chair of the Glenrothes Area Committee, Councillor Fiona Grant is clearly ‘pleased’ with the funds.

She told the Gazette: “It’s a vote of confidence in the area committees across Fife that, even in financial tight times, the decisions about how we spend public money are devolved as near to the public as possible.

“Public consultations in Glenrothes have proved that the public can come up with innovative suggestions and solutions.

“I found it really interesting that the things folk wanted to improve their lives were not necessarily expensive or difficult to deliver.

“Clearly any suggestion fitting with the council’s ‘Big 8’ is more likely to be chosen but I want to hear how the public would like to spend this extra money. I’m not promising everything asked for will happen tomorrow but each and every suggestion will be considered.”

She said: “It’s uncertain exactly at this stage just how the funding will be shared between the area committees but has already received a suggestion for the instillation of a public toilet in the town park.

The councillor is now inviting the public to contact her with further ideas.

Anyone wanting to contact her can do so by email at the following address -