Councillor launches campaign to light up Burntisland path

Parents and pupils on the path, with Councillor George (right). Pic: FPA
Parents and pupils on the path, with Councillor George (right). Pic: FPA

A Burntisland councillor has mounted a campaign to light up a dingy path to encourage more school pupils to use it.

Councillor Peter George is urging Fife Council to install streetlights at either end of the path, which runs between the busy Aberdour Road, at the side entrance to the town’s new primary school, through Glebe Place and the Burntisland Shipyard park towards the Grange area of the town.

He says upgrading the path with new lighting would make it more attractive to pupils and parents, encouraging them to use it in favour of the busy main roads and helping keep children safer on their way to and from school.

“At present, this path, while in perfectly good condition, can be a bit off-putting in the early mornings and evenings because it is dark as there are no streetlights along it,” he said.

“So it is less well used in the winter months, when it can still be dark for parents taking their children to nursery for starting at 8.40 a.m. or home after school.

“It is a safe path away from the busy main roads which cars and lorries often thunder along, and I think that just putting in a few street lights could make all the difference.”

His idea is backed by Julie Anderson, headteacher at Burntisland Primary, who said more children than ever were walking, cycling or scootering to school.

“We have so many pupils taking the healthy option since the new school opened that we will have to get more bike stands. This path is ideal for them to use safely,” she said.