Councillor struck off teaching register after offensive tweets about First Minister

Kathleen Leslie
Kathleen Leslie

A former teacher turned councillor has been struck from the teaching register.

Kathleen Leslie, the Tory councillor for Burntisland, Kinghorn and Western Kirkcaldy, agreed to the removal after being reported to the General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS) over offensive tweets she posted about Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister, during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.

Ms Leslie resigned as a teacher after winning the council seat at the recent elections – council employees can stand for election to the local authority they work for, but if elected, unless they are in a politically restricted post, they have to quit the next day.

She admitted her fitness to teach was impaired, and waived her right to a full hearing on the grounds she no longer wished to continue teaching following her election to public office.

Ms Leslie was also banned from applying to return to teaching for two years by the GTCS.

The complaint was sparked after she tweeted derogatory comments about the First Minister three years ago.

They resurfaced during the election campaign, sparking a complaint.

Ms Leslie, who taught at a school in west Fife, said during her 16-year career in education she was never under any scrutiny regarding her performance or professionalism, and her political views were never allowed to enter the classroom.