Councillor the target of computer scam

Cllr Dave Dempsey
Cllr Dave Dempsey

A Fife councillor is warning of an alleged computer scam in which he was targeted.

Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay Councillor, Dave Dempsey, has issued a warning about a particularly clever computer scam which was tried out on him.

Cllr Dempsey said “I received a call from 09190256784. The caller said he was calling about ‘the computer’ and that 42 other computers in my area had been infected. He took me through the process of looking at my PC’s event log which, like any event log, contains lists of non-critical errors. He told me that these indicated infection. Fortunately, as an ex-software engineer, I knew he was lying.

“I kept going to see what information I could glean. He said he was phoning from Globaltech. He even passed me on to his boss, who invited me to go to Instead, I googled that and confirmed that it’s a scam. I told the caller this and the line went dead.

“At no time in the ten plus minutes that the call lasted was there any talk of money. That would have come after my PC had really been infected. I thought this was a particularly well thought out con and felt that it should be widely publicised,” he told Fifetoday.