Councillors agree plan to sell 15 Kirkcaldy buildings

Sinclairtown Library
Sinclairtown Library

Councillors have agreed to explore cost-saving plans which could see Fife Council sell off 15 buildings, including Sinclairtown Library.

Two local offices, as well as 12 community halls were also included in the Kirkcaldy Area Local Asset Plan presented to Kirkcaldy area committee 
yesterday (Wednesday).

Alan Paul, property services manager explained: “This is a Fife-wide exercise but Kirkcaldy happens to be the first.

“Fife Council has too many buildings and too many of them are in poor condition.”

The strategy, which seeks to make better use of good council properties, by pooling community services, was welcomed by Cllr David 

He said: “We are not signing up today to shutting down building X or Y, but we know the status quo is not the best to be going on with.

“We need to make better use of our assets and improve the properties we are going to keep to ensure they are fit for purpose. We should also be making better use of our schools.

“In Templehall, for example, many buildings were “half used or not used at all”.

“If there was a better building,” he said, “you could still provide those services in a better environment and at a cheaper cost.”

Service providers and local communities will be consulted on alternative locations for services and Fife Council will also welcome those who wish to purchase the buildings.

But Cllr George Kay suggested the properties be improved beyond “wind and watertight” first.

“I really think we have to invest some cash so that in the long term the council can walk away from these buildings,” he said. “They [community groups] need some help over the next few years to allow them to take these next steps... to be self sustaining and self-financing.”

Cllr Kay Carrington added: “I’m glad we are looking at what people need rather than what they have simply been used to using.”

To download the report visit:

All buildings on the plan ‘hitlist’

Local Offices

Kirkcaldy North local office, Burntisland local office.


Sinclairtown Library.

Community halls and Centres

Dysart Community Hall, Dysart Centre, Dunnikier Community Centre, Pathhead Halls, St Clair Hall, Dunnikier OAP Centre, Chapel Neighbourhood Centre, Raeburn Community Centre, Hayfield Community Centre, Unity Hall, The Young Community Hall, Templehall Community Learning Centre.