Councillors call for more action on dog fouling

Councillors want action on dog fouling in Levenmouth
Councillors want action on dog fouling in Levenmouth
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Councillors in Levenmouth want more done to tackle dog fouling in the area after it was revealed just eight fixed penalty notices were issued in the last year.

And more worryingly, the figures also revealed that the current payment rate for fixed penalty notices - which also include fines for littering and illegal dumping - stands at just 59 per cent.

The news comes as a recent People’s Panel survey carried out in Levenmouth showed that the 86 respondents named dog fouling as their biggest street cleaning and open spaces maintenance issue.

This was followed by concerns about litter in street areas and shrubs and flower beds, and discarded cigarette butts.

Several councillors at the recent area committee meeting where the figures were presented were dismayed to hear about the low number of fines handed out for dog fouling, as many reported that it is a great concern among people in their ward.

They have now asked for more to be done to tackle the problem.

Councillor David Alexander said: “Eight fines for dog fouling is not enough, but instead of hiring a load of dog wardens, is there a way that we can empower all of our guys on the street to hand out these on-the-spot fines?”

Cllr John O’Brien asked other members for their support in introducing a campaign in the community to make dog owners and the public more aware of the dangers of how dog mess can affect the public by way of infections and disorders, and asked for more signs and publicity material to hand out to dog owners in his ward.

Cllr Jim Young added: “I’d like to see more publicity about dog fouling and littering fines so that this can be seen as really anti-social behaviour.”

Elaine Devine, service manager, enforcement and commercial operations at Fife Council said: “Our officers will serve a notice whenever they observe dog fouling - we have a zero tolerance approach. But they have to be in the right place at the right time... We want to encourage people to come forward to help us so that we can target our patrols and know who we are looking for. We need local intelligence.” To report an incident, please call 03451 550022.