Councillors’ expenses bill drops by £20,000

Peter Grant
Peter Grant

THE wages and expenses bill for Fife’s councillors topped £1.5 million during the last financial year — some £20,000 less than the previous year, according to the latest figures.

Between them, the Kingdom’s 78 elected members were paid £1,555,576.19 during 2010-11.

The highest paid was the SNP leader of the administration, Councillor Peter Grant (Glenrothes West and Kinglassie), who received a total of £38.790.21, made up of his basic £37,776.18 salary and expenses of £1014.03.

Next came Provost Frances Melville (St Andrews), who received a total of £30,511.36, (£28,332.20 plus £2179.16), followed by depute leader of the administration Councillor Elizabeth Riches (East Neuk and Landward), whose total was £28,448.72 (£24,664.12 plus £3784.60).

Independent Cupar councillor Bryan Poole was one of just two north east Fife councillors who didn’t claim any expenses at all, the other being Conservative Councillor Dorothea Morrison of St Andrews.

They received a basic salary of £16,189.42, which is the amount paid to councillors who have no additional responsibilities.

As chair of north east Fife area committee, Councillor Andrew Arbuckle (Howe of Fife and Tay Coast) received a basic salary of £22,260.94 plus £3809.85 in expenses, while Councillor Tim Brett (Taybridgehead) received £24,664.12 in pay and a further £4026.13 in expenses as chair of the Fife-wide social work and health committee.


Councillor Brett’s fellow Liberal Democrat serving Taybridgehead, Councillor Maggie Taylor, received a total of £18,158.95 for the year (£16,189.42 plus £1969.53) while their Conservative counterpart, Councillor Ron Caird, took home £16,189.42 in basic pay and £2986.71 in expenses.

North east Fife’s sole SNP representative, Councillor David MacDiarmid (Howe of Fife and Tay Coast), received a total of £19,848.52 (£16,189.42 plus £3659.10 in expenses) while the third representative of that ward, Liberal Democrat Donald Lothian, took home £16,189.42 in pay and £1386.10 in expenses.

Councillor Poole’s colleagues in Cupar, Councillors Margaret Kennedy (Liberal Democrat) and Roger Guy (Conservative) earned totals of £17,125.08 and £16,947.42 respectively, while St Andrews councillors William Sangster and Robin Waterston, both Liberal Democrat, each received £16,189.42 in pay plus respective expenses of £2703.03 and £647.14.

The remaining two north east Fife representatives, Councillor Donald MacGregor (Liberal Democrat) and Councillor Mike Scott-Hayward (UKIP) received totals of £18,046.35 and £17,423.67 respectively.

The full list of councillors’ remuneration is available on