Councillors to look at road safety at Kirkcaldy schools

Strathallan Primary
Strathallan Primary

Councillors have agreed that more needs to be done to improve road safety and reduce congestion and the impact on residents living around Kirkcaldy’s schools.

The local members were discussing the issue at Kirkcaldy area committee yesterday (Wednesday).

Councillors were asked to agree the promotion of a traffic regulation order extending waiting restrictions in a residential street near the town’s Strathallan Primary School sparking the discussion.

And their decision to approve the promotion of the order comes just weeks after the headteacher atFair Isle Primary took the decision to close the school’s car park to parents dropping their children off and picking them up.

A number of streets in the Strathallan area are already subject to waiting restrictions at certain times of the day.

Ian B. Smith, Fife Council’s lead professional for traffic management in Mid Fife, said: “We’ve consulted with residents and one problem with any waiting restrictions is you get migration.

“I think we’ve got migration in Dunrobin Road.

“We have congestion and an impact on some residents.

“We want to extend the waiting restrictions at Strathallan at the start and the end of the school day, pushing them into Dunrobin Road.”

Cllr George Kay, whose ward takes in Strathallan, said: “I do welcome this and understand the dilemma of how far in to Dunrobin Road we go.

“I think at some stage what’s happened at Fair Isle (closure of car park to all apart from teachers), will happen at Strathallan too.

“It’s a nightmare for the people that live there, unfortunately it’s also a nightmare on Strathallan Drive as well.

“I don’t know quite how we get the message across about walking to school.

“Having to put in these controlled enforcement orders is not the way we should be going about it.

“We should be getting respect from people acknowledging the problem.

“It’s very sad where we get to this stage where centrally we have to bring in more and more restrictions and people don’t just use a bit of common sense and realise the dangers they are creating.”

Cllr Susan Leslie added: “We need people and services to work in partnership.

“Where we have had problems it’s because we’ve had groups working in isolation.”