Councillors urged to scrap ban on double-axle trailers at recycling centres

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An effort to overturn a ban double axle trailers accessing Fife recycling centres has failed.

Councillors voted overwhelmingly to keep the restriction in place at the last full meeting of the council before the summer recess.

A double axle trailer is classed as a commercial vehicle – and can only use the sites via council’s commercial payment system.

But the councillor pushing for a re-think believes that policy is hitting the wrong people.

Councillor Dominic Nolan proposed a motion which would lift the restrictions.

He previously backed its introduction in August 2018, but said that had been a mistake, and he wanted to change it.

Cllr Nolan said: “I’m convinced it was a mistake.

“In one concerning case I heard that a community council went along to the recycling centre after doing a litter pick, and were told ‘No we’re not going to let you in because of your twin axle trailer’.

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“There are some inconsistencies with the policy – you can have a large van and come in. It’s a bad policy –let’s just fix it today.”

He was backed by Cllr Gavin Ellis, who said: “While I understand the amendment, it’s just not quick enough. We’re into summer, residents will soon be carrying out home and garden works – we need these changes now.

“All we’re seeking is that owners of double axle trailers are able to sign a form once on site. Residents shouldn’t need to wait much longer.”

An amendment from the administration was also tabled which said any review was unwise without advice from officers or a review  the strategic committee.

Cllr Ross Vettraino, convenor of the council’s environment, protective services and community safety committee, added: “Having spoken to several members of the community affected by the policy, I am aware of that issue.

“However, I am at a loss as to why someone would need a double axle trailer to dispose of household waste.

“It’s important to reflect on why the policy was changed in the first place. Our network of recycling centres was being illegally used by the commercial sector to dispose of commercial waste at a cost to taxpayers in Fife to an excess of £1.5m per annum.”

Cllr Alex Campbell backed the amendment, but he had “concerns” with the policy.

He added: “I understand we obviously just can’t change policy, as much as I would like to see it dealt with quite quickly. Cllr Vettraino has said he will deal with this quite quickly at his next meeting. I really hope, for the benefit of my constituents, common sense makes the change to the policy.”

The amendment passed 47-16 in a vote with the aim it will come back to a scrutiny committee for review.