Countdown to last ever park festival

Dysart Colliery Silver Band
Dysart Colliery Silver Band

RISING costs and falling grants and donations means that this year’s Beveridge Park Community Festival will be the last ever.

But the organising committee plans to go out with a bang, with this year’s one day event set to be full of action and thrills.

Organisers decided that after last year’s three day festival made a loss of around £1000, and with costs continuing to rise while grants fail to meet the £9000 costs, it would wind up after this, its tenth festival.

Members say there is just enough money to stage a one day event on June 29 which will use up the remainder of the cash in the festival’s bank account.

Describing the decision as “a very sad one which was not easy to make” Liz Easton, chairman of the Beveridge Park Community Events Group, said that running the festival was no longer financially sustainable, particularly in the current financial climate.

“Recently we have seen donations dwindle to nothing as small businesses tighten their belts and larger ones decide to support named charities.”

And a trial held last year, when the festival took place later in the summer, to see if it could help reduce antisocial behaviour experienced in previous years, resulted in only a fraction of the tickets necessary to meet costs being sold, while the trouble did not go away.

The final event will continue to feature community input through the information stalls by local groups, a music roadshow from Kingdom FM and children’s entertainers. There will also be the ever popular skate and bike competition which has been run every year by volunteers from the Kirkcaldy Skate and Bike Initiative, and special guest on the day will be local musician, Dennis Alexander.

Liz said: “Over the years we have had some great events, with a wide range of activities, performers and organisations in attendance, thanks to them all for their support.

“It’s a sad day, but there’s no way we could afford to continue.”