Counting the cost of Dura Den floods

Aftermath of  flooding at Dura Den , near PITSCOTTIE'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON
Aftermath of flooding at Dura Den , near PITSCOTTIE'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON

Householders in Dura Den are concerned that their insurance premiums will rise following the devastating flood which damaged a number of properties two weeks ago.

On Monday, the Scottish Flood Forum held the first of its weekly sessions in Kemback Church Hall, with the well-attended meeting providing a number of enquiries, according to forum director, Paul Hendy.


“It was a very good session, which ran from 4pm to 7pm, and was supported by representatives of Kemback, Pitscottie and Blebo Community Council and Mike Thorpe (services manager) of Fife Council.”

The session was in response to the flood which saw one house probably structurally damaged beyond repair when a torrent of water swept past - and through - several properties in the early hours of the morning.

The flood was the result of torrential rain and a blocked weir at the top of the hamlet which caused the burn to back up and burst through a roadside retaining wall.

At a special meeting of the community council, held a few days later, it became clear that ownership of the weir could not be determined.

Fife Council were asked to take immediate action to clear the fallen trees, branches and other debris that had built up behind the structure, which had effectively become a dam.

By the middle of last week, Fife Council put heavy machinery on the site to remove sluice gates as well as the wooden bridge over the weir.

Mr Hendy, speaking after this week’s session, said residents were grateful to the council for their work at the weir.


Some householders, however, were worried about erosion when the burn was in spate together with problems posed by fallen trees.

The flooding washed away large sections of roadway, which runs between Kemback and Pitscottie, leaving dangerous drops at the edge of the carriageway and big holes in the roadway.

While vehicles have no through access, pedestrians can now make their way through the sprawling hamlet.

Mr Hendy added: “The results of engineers’ surveys are still awaited, but I think it will be a few months before the road reopens to traffic.”