Countryside is not a dumping ground

Rubbish on the farm road near Heathery Wood, Kirkcaldy. Pictures by George McLuskie
Rubbish on the farm road near Heathery Wood, Kirkcaldy. Pictures by George McLuskie

FLY-TIPPERS who dumped piles of rubbish along a farm access road near Kirkcaldy might be traced after clues were found among the mess.

Farmer Rowell Fraser (51), of Grantsmuir Farm, was furious on Monday when he saw the rubbish strewn right down the road for about 500 yards.

As well as household waste, there was a sofa, plasterboard, pieces of wood with nails sticking out and even syringes and needles.

But there was also some evidence to suggest where the rubbish had come from, such as envelopes with addresses, which could help environmental enforcement officers trace those responsible.

Rowell said: “It was an absolute mess. I had to move some of it out the way so vehicles didn’t get damaged driving over it.

“There’s no need for it. Why drive out here to dump rubbish when it would be just as easy to go to the recycling centre?

“We’re finding this is happening more and more and it’s a big problem for farmers.

“Field gates near a track and even lay-bys in the countryside are being used as dumping grounds.”


Rowell called out an officer from Fife Council’s environmental service, and hopes enough evidence has been found to catch those responsible.

“If I’d seen them dumping it I’d have been after them,” he said. “I want them to be made to pay for this.”

Elaine Devine, service manager for enforcement and commercial operations, said: “Our environmental enforcement officers investigate all such incidents and if the perpetrator can be found, either a fixed penalty notice will be issued or the matter will be reported to the procurator fiscal.”

She said it was the responsibility of land owners to remove fly-tipped waste from their land, but added: “While the Council is not responsible for the removal of fly-tipped waste from private ground, we do what we can to assist landowners by, for example, making arrangements for access to one of our recycling centres for disposal purposes free of charge.

“There is no excuse for dumping in the countryside or anywhere else in Fife where residents and businesses alike have access to a number of recycling centres.”