Couple shattered after Leslie crossing accident

David Jackson, whose wife was badly injured and dog killed at zebra crossing
David Jackson, whose wife was badly injured and dog killed at zebra crossing
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A LESLIE couple are mourning the death of a beloved family pet, reports MIKE DELANEY.

Tara, a 10-and-a-half year old German Shepherd, died after being involved in an accident with a car on Leslie High Street at a pedestrian crossing last Wednesday.

Despite being treated both at the scene and afterwards by a vet, she had suffered massive internal injuries and had to be put to sleep.

Owner Katherine Jackson, who was walking her pet at the time, was also badly hurt in the incident, which happened at around 8am.

Husband, David, said he and his 35 year-old wife had been left “devastated” by the loss of their dog.

He added: “Everyone around here in Leslie knew Tara, because she always had a red bandana on – a Manchester United one, because I’m a fan – and even some of the old guys around the town who didn’t even have dogs of their own would keep a few biscuits in their pockets for her.

“She was a rescue dog, who we got from Second Chance Kennels in Thornton when she was just a year-old, so we have had her for a long time.

“She was our best friend.”

David said that his wife had suffered a broken arm and pelvis and ankle damage in the accident, but after receiving treatment in hospital, to which she had been taken by ambulance, she decided she wanted to get back home to the town’s Seath Court.

He added: “She’s doing well, but because of her injuries, I don’t think what has happened with Tara has sunk in yet.”

A police spokesman said a report would be submitted to the procurator fiscal.

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