Court date is looming for ‘Toby’ flats appeal

The shocking condition of the flats prompted the council to take action
The shocking condition of the flats prompted the council to take action
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A BID to halt the demolition of two blocks of Glenrothes flats was set to begin in court, reports MIKE DELANEY.

Fife Council wants to knock down the maisonettes at Huntly Drive and Durris Drive in Tanshall.

But the move is being opposed on behalf of Moncrieff Properties, which owns a large number of flats in both blocks.

The company was originally run by the late Toby Siddique and one of the men convicted of killing him, his brother Mo.

The flats had developed a notorious reputation over the years for neglect, anti-social behaviour and drugs and – in the same week that Toby was murdered at a prporty in nearby Forres Drive in 2010, the council heard properties were “not fit for human habitation” and had to go.

Last year, the council warned that if the various landlords did not make arrangements to have the flats demolished the council would bill them after doing thew work itself.

The council served demolitin orders on the landlords in february, with a view to carrying out the demolition in the spring.

But an appeal was lodged by the judicial factor, an official appointed by the court to deal with cases where there are complex legal issues.

A procedural hearing at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court was set to take place.

Local solicitors McKenzies are scheduled to represent Moncrieff Properties, against solicitors for the council.

Earlier this month, Peter Grant, who is a local member for the area said he was confident the council would be given the go-ahead to proceed with demolition.

“I hope we can deal with the appeal and get the block demolished without further delay,” he added.