Court service catching up with fines

A CAMPAIGN targeting local people that don’t pay up their fines has led to an increase in defaulters paying up in the past three months.

According to the Scottish Court Service (SCS), which collects fines, the collection rate in the Fife area has increased by 10% to just under 70% as persistent fine defaulters are targeted with a range of enforcement measures.

Those who fail to respond to warnings can find their employers approached and payments deducted from their wages, or can have deductions made directly from their benefits or savings.

SCS Executive Director of Field Services Eric McQueen said: “We have a full range of measures to enforce fine payment and they are being used in our campaign against local defaulters.

“Our enforcement officers are working hard in the Fife area to ensure payments are collected using all our available sanctions.”

Fiscal fine offences for which defaulters have been successfully pursued recently in the Fife area include assault, theft, vandalism, breach of the peace, failing to have a TV licence and parking violations.

Fines can be paid be in court, by post or by telephone and most can be paid online at