Crackdown on area’s drug trade

Andrew Rodger
Andrew Rodger
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TENS of thousands of pounds worth of drugs were found in Levenmouth homes during a series of raids across the summer.

Addresses in East Wemyss, Methil and Buckhaven were all targeted in the busts, which recovered class B and C drugs with values ranging from £2400 to £15,400.

All raids resulted in individuals being reported for offences under the Misuse of Drugs act, with the operation having been helped due to information from the public.

The results were presented to members of the Levenmouth area committee when they met on Wednesday at Buckhaven Community Centre by Chief Inspector Graeme Kinmond.

Councillor Andrew Rodger said he was pleased with the results, adding: “With the drugs situation it’s good to know that assistance is coming to the police from the public and they’ll be able to see this.

“People are more than happy to see convictions for drugs when they’ve given information of this kind by calling the police.

“As a councillor I can also say to the public that this is what’s happening now with its help.”

Chief Inspector Kinmond also updated councillors on on-going attempts to reduce the amount of under-age drinking in Levenmouth.

Test purchasing was still taking place, with the chief inspector reporting that the premises tested were complying with the law.

However, he conceded that drink was still managing to find its way into the hands of youngsters.

He said: “Proxy sales (when an adult buys for somebody under-age) is still a big problem and we have an issue with parents supplying their children with alcohol.”

Cllr Rodger told the meeting that he had spoken with some shopkeepers who felt they were consistently being targeted by police officers carrying out their test purchasing duties.

In August, 13 people were referred to the police force’s alcohol diversion scheme from Levenmouth - all of them men.

Offences included being drunk and incapable, drinking alcohol in a public place and urinating in a public place.