Crackdown on illegal dumping

Fly tipping has been happening at some of Fife's recycling points.
Fly tipping has been happening at some of Fife's recycling points.

Fifers are being warned that fly tipping in the Kingdom will not be tolerated.

Councillor Pat Callaghan, Fife Council Executive spokesman for environment and transportation, said: “Fife is a beautiful region and we all have to play our part to keep it that way.

“Dumping rubbish in public spaces is not only unpleasant but it’s breaking the law.

“It’s a growing problem that’s costing councils across Scotland over £50 million a year to clean up.

“Here in Fife, we treat fly-tipping very seriously and we’ll vigorously pursue offenders, taking court action where necessary. Fines for fly-tipping start at £200 but can increase to £40,000.”

The Council’s environmental enforcement team recently attended two sites of fly-tipping at recycling points and as a result it is planned to issue approximately 30 fixed penalty notices.

Cllr Callaghan continued: “Taking this action sends a clear message that we’ll not tolerate this inconsiderate behaviour. There’s no excuse for fly-tipping, the Council has 11 recycling centres throughout Fife where people can dispose of their household waste for free.

“Recycling points are not for general household waste and anyone caught dumping such items will receive a fixed penalty notice. We also offer a special uplift service for a small charge, where we’ll collect unwanted bulky items.

“I encourage people to do their part and report any instances of fly-tipping to us either at or on 03451 55 00 22.”