Crail travellers to stay

Travellers last month on ground near Levenmouth swimming pool
Travellers last month on ground near Levenmouth swimming pool

A group of travellers have avoided being evicted from an illegal site in Crail on the condition they leave by the end of the month.

Fife Council obtained permission to move a group of around 30 caravans and their occupants from an area near the airfield towards the end of last week, but, after speaking with police and those staying there, decided to wait to allow them to move on their own accord.

John Mills, senior manager, housing and neighbourhood service at the Council said: “We met sheriff officers and police on Thursday morning and discussed the situation further.

“We decided to suspend the eviction action after seeking assurances there would be no trouble over the weekend.

“I can confirm that the police monitored the situation over the weekend and that there was no trouble.

“Some of the travellers have already moved on and we have been given an assurance they will start to disperse this week and will be gone by the end of the month.”

Despite this, one traveller who spoke to the Mail last week said he felt intimidated by the presence of the police, particularly last Thursday.

Michael Stewart added: “All around the ground is spotless clean, you could lick the ground it’s so clean. We were here last year - we are local travellers ... it’s our culture to travel about and stay in a camp.”

Last month a travelling group were praised by the Council after they left a campsite near Leven swimming pool “immaculate”.