Crash victim’s stepdad in court

THE step-father of a Newburgh teenager who died in a car crash is to be sentenced on August 2 for making threatening gestures outside the home of the young man who has since been convicted of causing his death.

David Currie (51) was one of a number of people who congregated outside the home of 21-year-old Jamie Fleming - now serving a five-year jail sentence - as a bitter rift in the town came to a head six months after the death of 18-year-old Ricky Brown.

He drew his finger across his throat as others shouted and swore, leaving children inside the house so terrified that they cowered under a kitchen table.

Currie, of 12 Mugdrum Place, appeared before Sheriff Vinit Khumara in Cupar, having had sentence deferred for six months for good behaviour on January 19. But Sheriff Khumara further deferred sentence as he was unfamiliar with the background to the case.

Currie had been found guilty by Sheriff Charles Macnair after a two-day trial, but the case against four others, including Currie’s wife Shelley, was found not proven after the sheriff ruled that there was not enough evidence to convict them.

All five had been charged that on September 4 at 15 Hill Road, Newburgh, while acting together, they conducted themselves in a disorderly manner, congregating in a group, repeatedly shouting and swearing, using threatening hand gestures, challenging people to a fight and placing them in a state of fear and alarm.

The court had heard that tensions had been running high in Newburgh since Mr Brown’s death and that police had been called to the town on several occasions.

Jamie Fleming was this week sentenced to five years after admitting causing the teenager’s death by driving carelessly while nearly twice the legal alcohol limit.