Crashes on Fife roads fall to a record low

Car accident
Car accident

Crashes on Fife’s roads causing injury fell to a record low last year – but efforts will continue to reduce the number of accidents even further.

There were 421 recorded crashed in 2013, down from 448 the previous year, with 550 people being injured.

Tragically, 11 people lost their lives.

A further 85 people suffered serious injuries, although again this is the lowest recorded number, down from 100 the previous year.

The number of children injured also fell to a record low of 50, and for a fifth consecutive year there were no child fatalities.

The latest statistics are due to be reported to the Council’s safer communities committee today (Thursday).

Dr Bob McLellan, head of transportation and environmental services, said: “It’s great to be able to report these encouraging results. They reflect the hard work that is being done by all of the community safety partners to reduce the number of casualties on the roads of Fife.

“Through engineering solutions such as 20mph zones, education measures such as Safe Drive Stay Alive and Pass Plus, and enforcement action by the police and Fife Camera Safety Partnership, we are putting in place an effective framework of initiatives.”

Councillor Kenny Selbie, chairman of the safer communities committee, added: “There is a tremendous focus being placed on road safety. However, even with significant progress being made in reducing crashes and casualties on our road network there is no room for complacency, and we will continue to seek to reduce casualty rates still further.”

Additional statistics collated by the police revealed that drivers failing to look properly contributed to 17.7 per cent of crashes. Weather conditions were a factor in eight per cent of crashes.