Crew has the bottle for true love mission

Nicky Titchener and Grant Norrie with the Anstruther Lifeboat crew.
Nicky Titchener and Grant Norrie with the Anstruther Lifeboat crew.

Anstruther Lifeboat Station has played cupid in a ‘message in a bottle’ marriage proposal.

Against a backdrop of Anstruther annual fireworks display and the theme tune of Mission Impossible, the lifeboat crew brought ashore a bottle containing Nicky Titchener’s proposal to partner Grant Norrie.

Nicky Titchener's 'message in a bottle' proposal.

Nicky Titchener's 'message in a bottle' proposal.

When it was read out by the announcer, Grant was stunned - but fortunately managed to say yes.

The couple, from Strathmiglo but who keep a boat at Anstruther, had talked about getting married and when Nicky (47) asked how he would feel if she proposed, Grant (44) said she would need to make it something very special.

After seven years together, she knew which elements to bring together to create the perfect proposal.

Her first step was to get in touch with Anstruther RNLI, which was happy to help.

“Her original idea had been that Grant would be taken out in one of the lifeboats but that was not possible,” said Tom Danks, press officer. “However, we were happy to help with an alternative.”

This involved the small inshore lifeboat coming into harbour under a spotlight with the bottle, which Nicky had given them the previous night.

With the scene all set, all that was needed was to get Grant, a fire service engineer, to the harbour, which was when disaster almost struck - he got caught in traffic on the way home from work and suggested they go to Perth fireworks instead until Nicky put her foot down.

The couple plan to get married in 2017.