Crews commend ‘heroine’ Marion

Marion Reekie at Anstruther Fire Station. Photo: Walter Neilson
Marion Reekie at Anstruther Fire Station. Photo: Walter Neilson

An Anstruther woman who heroically pulled a man from a burning house fire in Cellardyke has been commended by local fire crews.

Staff from Anstruther and St Monans paid tribute to Marion Reekie for her quick thinking after she rescued the 50-year-old man from his burning home on West Forth Street on May 1.

Ms Reekie (45) had been returning home to her mother’s house when she heard a fire alarm going off in the street.

“At first, I thought it was my mum’s alarm, but realised it was the neighbour’s.

“As we got closer to the house, I could see the smoke and saw that it was on fire.

“I tried banging on the outside front door, but there was no answer. When I opened that, the inside door was closed too, and there was still no answer.

“I knew someone was in the house though, because the TV was on, so I opened the inside door, and crouched right down so I could see below the smoke.

“I could see the man on the floor, lying against the wall. I was just shouting and shouting.

“Then he slumped down a bit, and his arm fell to the side, so I crawled in with mum holding my legs and quite unceremoniously grabbed his arm and pulled him out.”

Marion admits that her actions were purely out of instinct.

“I wasn’t really thinking about it at the time. It was dangerous though and the smoke was terrible.”

George Barnett, crew manager at Anstruther, was first on the scene, and says Ms Reekie was very brave.

“Without a doubt, she saved that man’s life - the bedroom was absolutely gutted and the mattress was burned right down to the springs. She really did risk her own life.”

Tom Fox, station manager, who was the incident manager, said: “On behalf of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, we just want to show our appreciation to Ms Reekie for her brave actions that saved the man’s life.”