95 police offers helped in riot cities

POLICE officers from Fife played their part in tackling summer riots in England it has been revealed.

They were sent to Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham and London as trouble flared on the streets and shops were looted.

Now they have been praised foer their efforts and help.

Details of their involvement in the police response to curtail the riots came in a report to councillors on the police, fire and safety committee recently.

It said the riots ‘‘stretched the capacity and capability’’ of forces down south and ‘‘placed extraordinary demand’’ on officers in the frontline.

The result was 95 officers from Fife were deployed to provide back up in key cities, along with supporting specialist equipment including specially adapted vehicles.

Councillors were told they went on six-day tours of duty working up to a maximum of 19 hours per day. The Fife contingent help to quell disturbances and took part in the clean-up operations and assisted in multiple arrests.