Anger as quad bike thugs churn up football pitch

Mindless vandals destroyed the pitch at a community playing field ahead of a game this week, churning up the grass on quad bikes.

Denfield Park was hit by bikers, leaving a large number of muddy lines across the practice pitch.

Parts of the playing field, and even the pathways, have now become unusable, having been reduced to a muddy marsh.

The pitches are used by Kirkcaldy and Dysart Football Club.

Councillor Alistair Cameron said he was alerted to the mess by a member of the public.

“It’s a nightmare, it’s just a disgrace.

Denfield Park has been churned up by quad bikers

Denfield Park has been churned up by quad bikers

“We’d had problems over the last couple of weeks and I’d reported it to police.

“There’s very little police can do, as they have to catch them in the act before they can do anything, which is quite frustrating.

“They’ve been back a few times, and there are a number of other areas like Smeaton and Templehall that have been attacked in the same way - and it is an attack on common ground that is used by the public.

“I got a phonecall from a dog walker who had seen the latest lot of damage done.

“These thugs have really destroyed that area.

“One resident told me he’d seen quads being used in the Thornhill Drive area and two young children were absolutely frightened to death because of the quad bikers flying around without a care.

“We’re trying to do our best but we need the public to phone whenever they see them and to keep the pressure on.”

Police in Kirkcaldy say they are cracking down on anti-social behaviour involving off road bikes and quad bikes in the town.

A spokesperson said: “We have received complaints recently relating to this kind of unacceptable behaviour in the Den Road area and we would urge anyone with information to come forward, including descriptions of persons riding the vehicles, any vehicle description and registration numbers if known.”