Anger as thieves hit new Buckhaven project

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A Buckhaven woman has hit out at thieves who stole three garden troughs placed at the entrance of the town to make it look more inviting.

Earlier this year, Liz Houston, Ruth Taylor, Rhona Langlands and Marion Garry were given £500 through the CLIMB project, which provided funding for community schemes.

Inspired by the work that has been done in the Wemyss villages, their aim was to improve the look of the entrance of the town.

Just last week the group installed 11 flower troughs on the railings outside Buckhaven Building Supplies on Methilhaven Road – but within days three of the troughs had been stolen, leaving the women “furious” and “demoralised”.

The group spent around £29 on each trough, meaning they have spent most of their funding already.

“I’m absolutely scunnered,” said Liz. “We’ve gone to all this work and someone is stealing the baskets.

“We’re not an organisation with any money. We’re just four local women who want to respect the area at the beginning of Buckhaven.

“We want the entrance to look more inviting. It’s demoralising when we’ve got hardly any money, and when it’s stolen, we don’t have the money to replace it.

“We won’t be able to keep going if people keep stealing. If the troughs keep going missing, we’ll have to stop.”

It is the second example in recent weeks of thieves ruining community-led projects aimed at making the area look better.

Buckhaven and Denbeath Community Council recently installed decorative lighting on trees throughout the area.

However, one man was later seen tearing some of the lights off one of the trees.

Community council chair Michelle Ratcliffe described it as “disheartening”.

Councillor Colin Davidson noted plants have been stolen from Leven Promenade, saying: “The selfish, criminal behaviour by one or two individuals is shameful.”

Cllr Ken Caldwell said plants have also been stolen from Methilmill Cemetery. He said: “Organisations, such as CLEAR and Fife Council, have gone to great lengths, in time, effort and money, to make our community look good but the actions of a minority of people spoil it for everyone.”