Burntisland post office still closed five weeks after robbery

Still closed - Burntisland post office
Still closed - Burntisland post office

Residents in Burntisland are seeking assurances on the future of the town’s post office following last month’s robbery.

The facility has not re-opened since the incident on January 9, with the postmistress who only took over the facility a few months before said to have handed in her notice.

Describing the closure as “temporary”, a spokesman for the Post Office said: “We are working hard to restore the service to the community as soon as possible and are committed to maintaining services in the area.

“In the meantime, customers can access Post Office services at Kinghorn.”

Residents in the town said they hoped it wouldn’t be long as the closure is causing a lot of inconvenience – particularly to the elderly and people running businesses.

Doreen Knight of Orrock Drive in the town told the Press: “The post office has been a lifeline for the population of the town.

‘‘My greatest concern is for our aging and disabled townsfolk, who depend on this service for the collection of pensions, benefits and savings apart from the postage section.

‘‘It also served those who needed passport photographs and help with completing passport applications, paying road tax, rent, council tax, pay as you go, electricity/gas, photocopying, not to mention advice on how to pay all of these items.

“Many people do not have access to a computer, and all of these functions were serviced in a one stop shop, a boon for those not so physically able.

“Kinghorn Post Office has been open only part-time, and I believe it is to be closed. I also heard that Aberdour Post Office is closed. That leaves Dalgety Bay or Kirkcaldy.

‘‘Many elderly or disabled people are not able to use public transport and do not have access to someone with a car.

‘‘Not to mention the fact that this would remove their independence, which is very important to our elderly population in particular.

“I, and many people in the town, are very concerned and wish to campaign for the right to have a fully functioning Post Office again.”

Leo du Feu, a local landscape painter, added: “My wife and I used it often.

“I post a fair number of parcels and envelopes as part of my self-employed business and always make sure I use our local office.

‘‘I don’t drive and haven’t the time in my day to travel by train/bus to another town to do my posting. Subsequently I now save up anything that needs posting until I’m travelling to another town anyway.

“Jennifer posts and receives a lot too. She does drive but it’s very bad practice to drive to a different town in order to post a package or two.”

Councillor Susan Leslie said she was in regular contact with the Post Office and was passing concerns from constituents on.

“They are aware of the difficulties the closure is causing and are looking at several options for a service in the town,” she said.

“There are security issues which need to be addressed before it can re-open.”