Call for crackdown on problem tenants over rowdy parties

Police were called to West Leven Street, Burntisland. Picture: GooglePolice were called to West Leven Street, Burntisland. Picture: Google
Police were called to West Leven Street, Burntisland. Picture: Google
Calls have been made for better community policing in Burntisland after a series of anti-social behaviour incidents at the weekend.

Police were called after a door was damaged by a rowdy party on West Leven Street in the early hours of Sunday morning, with reports of loud drunks also on East Leven Street.

It follows previous bouts of well-documented anti-social behaviour in the area –and one councillor is calling on the council to evict problem tenants.

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Iain Ralph, chairman Central Burntisland Tenants and Residents Assocciation, said: “Residents of West Leven Street are at their wits end with some people holding all-night parties.

“These seem to culminate in mindless violence and anti-social behaviour leaving law-abiding residents afraid to step outside of their own properties for fear of retaliation.

“The latest party resulted in damage to a security door and broken glass littering the streets, this does not include the loud music and general anti-social behaviour.

“The cost of this mindless damage to property falls to Fife Council – and us as taxpayers. Is it not time for Fife Council to start taking responsibility for its tenants and enforce the terms and conditions of its property to ensure we can all live in peace.”

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Burntisland, Kinghorn and Western Kirkcaldy councillor Gordon Langlands said: “Things appear to be getting out of control again.

“We need effective community policing to disperse large groups of youths and if we are going to house criminals and vulnerable adults in Burntisland, we need to do so in more appropriate housing, preferably supervised.

“We need to make sure that blocks of flats are more secure and consider installing the latest community CCTV in the area, as requested by the local TRA, to dissuade these few undesirables from terrifying the residents of our lovely town.”

Police confirmed that they were called to a party at 3am on West Leven Street on Saturday and another noisy party on East Leven Street at around 4am. Enquiries are ongoing.

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Laura Back, area management lead officer, said: “We have received an allegation of anti-social behaviour and will be fully investigating.

“If the allegation is substantiated, appropriate action will be taken.”