Car debris on the A92 tells a story of speeding drivers

PC Graeme Whittaker with 'Pop-Up Bob'
PC Graeme Whittaker with 'Pop-Up Bob'

A motorist was caught travelling at 72mph and two others at more than 60 in a 40mph zone on a notorious stretch of the A92, it has emerged.

The speeders were caught on the road between Ladybank and Freuchie, the scene of numerous fatalities over the years./

Councillor David MacDiarmid

Councillor David MacDiarmid

One driver was clocked at 69mph and another at 65mph, while in Gateside – another speeding hotspot – one motorist was caught doing 62mph in a 30mph zone.

The offences were highlighted in the latest report by Chief Inspector Adrian Annandale, local area commander for north east Fife.

It was his final report before leaving Fife to take up a post in Central region.

He told members of the area committee this week that road safety and road crime was still a big problem in the Howe of Fife, especially on the A92.

But he said officers were still working closely with the local authority in a bid to crack down on speeding drivers.

On the stretch of road near Freuchie, new hardstanding had been installed, allowing mobile speed units to park.

Councillor David MacDiarmid, who represents the area, said he was ‘delighted’ with the fact that the police were now able to have a higher visibility .

“Anything that is going to help must be welcomed,” he said.

“But I still think there are far too many near-misses on this stretch of road.

“In fact some incidents aren’t near-misses but actual accidents that haven’t been reported.

“There are bumpers and bits of light lying about in the road.

“I’m still concerned there could be another fatality tomorrow.”

Chief Inspector Annandale told councillors that ‘Pop-Up Bob’ – a full-size effigy of a policeman holding a speed gun – had proved popular throughout north east Fife.

The cut-out figure is deployed in areas where speeding is an issue.

Police have also taken action on inconsiderate drivers parking near schools following complaints from parents and local residents in Auchtermuchty and Falkland, mounting high-visibility patrols alongside council parking wardens and issuing warning letters to parents of all pupils.

As a result, said Chief Inspector Annandale, both schools had seen a marked improvement.

At Castlehill Primary in Cupar, a Safer Travel Plan had been launched and Tesco had dedicated part of its car park for use as a safer access to the school.

“The policing structure in north east Fife continues to place a strong focus on community policing and is well received by the communities we serve,” said Chief Inspector Annandale.