Crackdown after rise in illegal quad and dirt biking

Police seized the quad bike after the driver hit a wall.
Police seized the quad bike after the driver hit a wall.

Police in Kirkcaldy are stepping up their campaign to cut the illegal and dangerous use of motorbikes and quad bikes, after a recent flare-up in incidents.

Officers say a number of worrying incidents have seen increasingly risky behaviour, with one man being seriously injured after a quad bike crashed into a wall.

In another incident, a quad biker was seen with a small child on the back of the vehicle.

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It is understood that the areas hit worst are Oswald Road, Inchgarvie Road, and the Coastal Path towards East Wemyss and Coaltown of Wemyss.

Now police are appealing to the public to help them identify and catch those responsible before anyone else is injured.

There are fears for public safety after videos online have revealed Kirkcaldy residents being put at risk from stunts in residential areas.

Operation Reflector has been devised to ensure a co-ordinated multi-agency plan was deployed to reduce the risks and target offenders.

Kirkcaldy police are now taking a number of actions designed to clamp down on the illegal and dangerous use of dirt and quad bikes.

Officers are gathering intelligence and talking to communities hit hardest to build up a bigger picture of the problem.

They will then act on the information where appropriate to target the correct individuals involved in these illegal activities. and disseminate relevant information to all local officers and staff to ensure a consistent pro-active approach.

Another method involves liaising with those providing fuel to the bikers.

Police are contacting suppliers of petrol and fuel-related products which are essential for the use of the bikes.

Sergeant Jimmy Adamson, Kirkcaldy Community Ward Policing Team, said the illegal use of bikes and quads presents a significant risk to the public.

He said: “The reckless nature of those involved in the antisocial use of motorcycles, often puts the riders into direct conflict with members of the public.

“The subsequent reckless use frequently occurs in off-road locations such as parks and paths, which pose a critical risk to legitimate users.

“Anyone found committing such offences will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal and the bikes will be seized and destroyed.

“This operation benefits greatly from information received from the general public. Anyone with relevant information please contact Crime stoppers on 0800 555111 or Police Scotland on 101.”

The latest flare-up of illegal motorbiking follows a similar spate of incidents in February.

Bikes were being raced between as far along as Dunnikier Park and golf course and right along past the mosque and Chapel, down through the grassy area which runs along past Torbain Primary School, right along and across Broom Road, and Rabbit Braes.

In 2015 a man was mown down by an illegal biker, leaving him with a number of injuries and requiring paramedic attention. In that incident Gary Maxwell was knocked onto the road close to Kirkcaldy Crematorium.