Danger driver jailed for high speed smash

Dundee Sheriff Court
Dundee Sheriff Court

A driver who ignored a passenger’s plea to slow down as he careered through a village and crashed at high speed was today jailed and handed a lengthy road ban.

William Murray (30) had been with friends at a restaurant in Dundee before driving them to north-east Fife.

There he picked up speed as he drove through Newport and Wormit - prompting one scared passenger to make repeated requests for him to slow down.

But Murray - who has two previous convictions for dangerous driving - wouldn’t and eventually lost control in Wormit’s St Fort Road - failing to take a bend and smashing into a road sign.

Despite the high speed impact no-one was injured in the crash.

Fiscal depute Matthew Kerr told Dundee Sheriff Court: “The accused was driving a blue BMW and as they drove one of his passengers was concerned about the speed he was driving.

“She asked him to slow down.

“Witnesses saw him driving along St Ford Road at excessive speed.

“He was again asked to slow down but there was loud music playing and the witness was concerned he didn’t hear her.

“Approaching a right hand bend he lost control and went straight on, leaving the carriageway and colliding with a street sign.

“Witnesses looked out and saw the car against the sign and police were called.

“When they arrived he identified himself as the driver and said ‘I was driving - I don’t have a licence.’”

Murray, of Dundee, pleaded guilty on summary complaint to charges of dangerous driving, driving without insurance and driving without a licence.

Defence solicitor Darren De Rosa said: “He’s currently serving an 11 month sentence for a domestic matter that is unrelated.

“He has a new partner and she is expecting their first child in March.”

Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC jailed Murray for six months to be served consecutive to his current sentence.

She also banned him from the road for six years.

Sheriff Drummond said: “This is a very serious matter.”