Dreadful drug problem in St Monans

St Monans resident Kevin Duncan protests outside Fife House (Pic by George McLuskie)
St Monans resident Kevin Duncan protests outside Fife House (Pic by George McLuskie)

A St Monans man held a protest at Fife House last week over the “dreadful” drug problems in the area.

Kevin Duncan says life in the town is “horrible ” due to the actions of a few individuals who are taking and selling drugs.

Taxi driver Kevin, who lives with his three-year-old son in a Fife Council flat, says he lives in fear for their safety.

“Drug dealers and users are making life a misery,” he said, “there are all sorts of incidents going in. It happens at least four or five times a week and the police can be here up to five times a day.

“The conditions are dreadful.”

The constant unrest – which Kevin says can last all night – is beginning to take its toll on his health.

“There’s been someone out in the back garden at half past four in the morning and I was threatened at half past three in the morning on my own doorstep by one of them who said he was going to stab me.

“I then started suffering from panic attacks and I’m now suffering from depression.

“When my wee boy wakes up crying during the night, points at the ceiling telling me “daddy, make the noise stop” this destroys me.”

Despite repeated contact with Fife Council, Kevin says the authority has done little to help.

“There are five known culprits, two of them recurring. I’ve said to the council, move them or move us, either way is fine with me.

“I keep them informed of everything that’s going on, but they’ve done nothing.

“I think what they’re trying to do is collect enough evidence that they can get rid of these people but in the meantime it’s us who are suffering.”

As a “last resort” Kevin held a one-man protest at Fife House last Wednesday.

He said: “Many of my neighbours who are also suffering wanted to join me but were scared of reprisals from the undesirables, which I understand.

“But something needs to be done to get this area back to normal and I didn’t know what else to do.”

Kevin says his intention is not to “demonise” or point blame at Fife Council or Police Scotland.

He said: “I realise this is difficult and there are factors involved but it has become unbearable.”

Gavin Smith, housing manager, said: “We are aware of ongoing issues of anti-social behaviour in the area. We are taking targeted action in partnership with Safer Communities and Police Scotland.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and work with all the families affected.”