Fife mum talks of toddler’s trauma after vicious dog attack

Neveah-Mai was attacked by a dog as the family left flats in Leven.
Neveah-Mai was attacked by a dog as the family left flats in Leven.

The mother of the toddler who was viciously attacked by a dog in Leven has spoken of how her two-year-old daughter has been affected by the incident.

Neveah-Mai Fuller was bitten around the mouth and right eye in the attack, which happened as the family was coming out of flats at Kirkside Court.

Her mum, Chloe Milne (26), who is heavily pregnant and expecting in three weeks, spoke about how the incident – on Wednesday, February 1 – has traumatised her daughter.

“She’s scared of dogs now,” she said.

“We asked her afterwards about going out and she said ‘no, dogs out there’.

“She looked in the mirror for the first time and she said ‘oh, mummy, my face’ and hid her face.

“We had a book with a dog in it and that got thrown. She said ‘get the doggy away’.

“I’m just hoping that fear doesn’t last forever.

“She loved dogs – they were her favourite animal.”

Neveah had to spend six hours in Victoria Hospital after the attack and doctors have been in regular contact with Chloe to check in on her daughter’s health.

Due to swelling around the right eye, doctors are currently unable to check the health of the eye.

Chloe said that she was “in a state” following the attack.

She added: “I couldn’t even be in the hospital room. It was horrible.

“It doesn’t help that I’m heavily pregnant.

“Seeing her so heavily distressed, I had to walk out and her step-dad and granny stayed with her.

“She keeps saying ‘the doggy got my mouth’.

“She’ll tell you straight ‘no doggies’.

“It’s bad because where I live, there are two dogs above us.

“Every time they bark she’s getting freaked out.”

While Chloe says a lot of people have come forward about the dog – a black Staffordshire terrier-type dog – neither the dog nor the owner have been traced.

Chloe spoke about the moment the dog attacked Neveah.

“We were leaving the house, going into the car park,” she said.

“As we were going into the car park, she ran ahead and, out by the bins, a dog came out of nowhere.

“When we saw the dog running – I’ve got a fear of dogs – I shouted for her, and she turned around and the dog went straight for her face.

“I don’t know if the dog had seen her run and been intimidated by that.”

The attack finished after Emma Smith, a friend of Chloe’s, chased the dog away.

Anyone with information about the incident can get in touch with Police Scotland via 101, or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.