Fife Muslims unite to condemn Manchester terror attack

Faith leaders representing Muslims in Fife have condemned this week's terror attack in Manchester which killed 22 people and injured 120 others.

Thursday, 25th May 2017, 2:00 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:40 pm
Fife's Muslim leaders have hit out at those responsible for the  terrorist attack in Manchester this week.
Fife's Muslim leaders have hit out at those responsible for the terrorist attack in Manchester this week.

Dr. Bashier Oudeh, trustee at Kirkcaldy Islamic Centre said the atrocity which involved a suicide bomber blowing himself up as people were leaving at the end of a pop concert, is the latest example in the extremely dangerous but futile exercise in killing innocent people for political purpose.

“The vast majority of Muslims are hard working, law abiding people, who just want to get on with their life and provide for their families and live in peace and harmony with their friends and neighbours, “ said Dr. Oudeh.

“They have no time for extremists, they abhor them more, not only on account of their criminal behaviour but also because they can generate Islamophobia, bigotry and racism.

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He added that Fife Muslims condemned the terrorist attack in Manchester “unreservedly”.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with all our fellow citizens against extremism, hatred and bigotry.

“We deplore and denounce the use of our religion in such crimes, and will continue to work hard towards educating every one about the poisonous consequences of extremism that undermines the very fabric of the Muslim faith.”

He added that British Muslims had always condemned terror and extremism of any kind, much more so if it is used to tarnish their peaceful religion and way of life.

“Islam demands its followers to spread love and mercy, to be good neighbours and to live in peace, harmony and respect with everyone. It also demands that Muslims follow the laws and rules of the country they live in,” he said. 

“Muslims in Britain are part of the social fabric of this country; they can be readily found in all wakes of life: from the NHS to the corner shop.”

Dr Oudeh also extend his sincere condolences to all the families affected by the recent atrocities.

“We will remember them in our thoughts and prayers,” he said.