Garage bullies sentenced for terrorising young apprentice

Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court
Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court

TWO workplace bullies who terrorised a young apprentice have been sentenced.

Ryan Donnelly and Alexander Watson left the youngster terrified during a ten-month campaign of abuse at the Craignairn Service Centre in Kirkcaldy's Forth Avenue Industrial Estate.

In one incident during March this year the pair grabbed their victim, placed him in a metal container and prevented him from escaping.

Donnelly admitted assaulting the man on various occasions between September 1, 2016 and May 19, this year.

In various incidents he punched his victim on the body, sprayed brake cleaner on him, threw an airbag at him and sprayed paint in his face.

Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court heard that on March 21 this year Donnelly restrained his victim and shaved off his eyebrows.

Watson admitted that on one occasion in March this year he "culpably and recklessly" struck the victim with a screwdriver to his injury.

The full background to the pair's crimes was not read out to the court after, in an unusual move, prosecutors instead handed a written statement of information about the case to a sheriff that was not disclosed to the Press.

Donnelly, 31, of Letham Gait, Dalgety Bay, pleaded guilty on summary complaint to two charges of assault.

Watson, 44, of Christie Place, Kirkcaldy, admitted one charge of assault and a second of culpable and reckless conduct.

Defence solicitor Callum Cox, for Watson, said: "At the time he didn't see what he was doing was criminal behaviour.

"It initially started off as workplace banter but he accepts that looking back with hindsight that banter crossed the line to the extent that the complainer reporter the matter to the police."

It is understood both men have now lost their jobs at the garage.

Sheriff Alastair Thornton placed both men on community payback orders with 12 months supervision.

He ordered Donnelly to carry out 270 hours unpaid work and Watson to carry out 245 hours unpaid work.