Girl raped by web predator

Fawcett was found guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh.
Fawcett was found guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh.

A PREDATOR who raped a schoolgirl attacked his victim after sending her ‘salacious’ messages on Facebook and Snapchat, a court has heard.

John Fawcett (26) used social media networks to groom the girl before assaulting her in Leslie, in October 4 2016.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how Fawcett made contact with her when she was aged 16.

The court heard Fawcett ‘flirted’ with the girl in the weeks before the attack. He sent her intimate pictures.

They agreed to meet up at the Back Braes in Leslie.

She told the court that he started indulging in sexual activity which she didn’t consent to.

The young woman told the jury that Fawcett forced her to the ground and raped her.

She later told a friend before telling her grandmother about the rape.

She contacted police who managed to gather enough evidence to bring Fawcett to justice. Fawcett did not give evidence during proceedings.

Fawcett, who is known in his home village as Rob, had pleaded not guilty to the charge. But jurors took just two hours to return a majority guilty verdict to a single charge of rape.

Lord Brailsford placed Fawcett on the Sex Offenders Register and deferred sentence to obtain reports about his character, remanding him in custody.

He added: “You will be remanded in custody.”

Fawcett will be sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh on May 4 2018.